The Case for Virginia

Why Virginia? Why Now?

In November 2017, Virginians will have the opportunity to reconfigure their state government. This includes the entire 100-seat House of Delegates, a body so out of sync with the electorate that it faces a potential redistricting order from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Your support for Local Majority will strengthen the collective effort in Virginia and beyond, bringing this successful model to other winnable statehouses. The states we will be working with next will be determined in August of 2017. With your help, their local majorities will prevail in 2018.

Virginia voters will have a chance to rebuke their state representatives for their ill-advised consideration of a “bathroom bill” nearly identical to North Carolina’s disastrous measure, as well as their continued support for Virginia’s ultrasound requirement as a condition for obtaining an abortion. The latter law made headlines when enacted in 2012 because only at the last moment did the legislature drop a clause requiring that the ultrasounds be performed vaginally in many cases.