Volunteer Writer’s Goals

  • To Document

    1. We will write the stories of people who have been (or will be hurt) by 45’s policies. To listen carefully to the storyteller’s dilemma and then to work together to write the story with accuracy and heart in a way that allows the storyteller’s voice to be heard.

  • Be Prepared

    2. We will have stories ready to go as each new wave of issues erupts. We already know a lot about 45 and his sidekick’s agenda, so one way we can help in the effort to delay, defeat and destroy, is to find those hurt most and do our best to show the world the cost in human terms of each decision.

  • Work Together

    3. We will submit the stories to local media. We are working with activist groups in states where we still have a chance to make a difference in 2017 elections. We will move from state to state, prioritizing according to where we can have the most impact as we work up to the 2018 elections. The goal is not national media—we are going for local, small town newspapers, community pages, town hall meetings. MOST importantly we want to be a constant reminder to members of congress that their constituents are suffering. And we want people to see that it isn’t an issue OUT there somewhere not related to them, but rather it’s happening to someone like them, someone living just down the street.

Join our Writing, Editing, Videographer Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Your name and whatever short bio we can include, depending on the media source, will be sent with your piece. We don’t want to own your work. We want it submitted far and wide! However, you will need to sign an agreement that we can submit it to all our media sources.