Opioid Overdose Deaths Exceed Fatal Car Accidents in Virginia!

Medicaid Expansion Would Help Virginians.

In the shadow of an opioid crisis Republican’s deny 400,000 Virginians access to substance abuse services.

Opioid overdose deaths exceed fatal car accidents as the leading cause of unnatural death in Virginia. Governor McAuliffe has declared the opioid addiction crisis a public health emergency in Virginia. The Republican majority voted against the expansion of Medicaid, denying 400,000 eligible Virginians access to Substance Abuse Services.

Virginia Republicans Just Say No to Drug Treatment

Only you can stop Republicans from denying 400,000 Virginians access to treatment.

Local Majority Investigative Reports

  • Opioid Epidemic Backgrounder

    Read our investigative report on the opioid epidemic in Virginia. Opioid Epidemic Backgrounder

  • Overdose deaths in Virginia Average Three Daily!

    Medicaid expansion is an effective way, financially and medically, to combat the opioid addiction problem in Virginia. Medicaid Expansion and Opioid Addiction Treament

  • Republicans Deny 400,000 Virginians Access to Drug Treatment

    See how the Republicans voted against the bill to expand Medicaid.

  • Needle Exchange Programs Work.

    Many Republicans voted against a bipartison bill to help people find treatment.

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