Schuyler VanValkenburg
Henrico County


Schuyler has been teaching in Henrico County’s public middle school and high school for twelve years. He currently coaches We the People constitutional competitions at Glen Allen High School in addition to teaching. He knows firsthand the immeasurable impact a high quality education can have and is committed to ensuring a quality education for every child across the commonwealth.

How Close is this Race?

This district has long been a Republican stronghold, but in 2016 Clinton defeated Trump by 3.9%. With no incumbent running, we have an even playing field. Republican contender Whitlock is in lock-step with the most conservative Republican agenda – which is not in line with the new district majority. Schuyler VanValkenburg is going to win this election in 2017!

November 2016 Presidential Race
19,079 17,531
48.6% 44.7%
2013 House of Delegates Race (no Democratic Candidate)
registered, didn’t vote Massie
31,209 20,784
60.0% of registered voters 93.5% of voters

Why this Race Matters most:
Schuyler VanValkenburg is working on behalf of the citizens of District 72. With the incumbent Republican not running and a leaning Democratic electorate, this race has a chance of having a Democrat elected, if Democrats show up to the polls.

  • Why Democrat Schuyler VanValkenburg?
    • Schuyler advocates updating the tax code to address special interest tax breaks and promotes infrastructure spending to bring quality jobs to all Virginians.
    • He supports expanding Medicaid to address the coverage gap in Virginia and to fight the opioid crisis, treat addiction as the disease it is.
    • Schuyler will fight any attempt to pass “bathroom bills” or “religious freedom bills” and end all barriers to voting including discriminatory Voter ID laws
  • Why NOT Republican Eddie Whitlock?
    • He is lock step with the most conservative positions of the VA GOP, pro-development and anti all regulations.
    • He is against government spending of all kinds and opposes even needed infrastructure improvements, education, healthcare, and emergency services.
    • Whitlock is against women’s reproductive rights, common sense gun safety, and wants to repeal the ACA. He will fight against implementing the Medicaid expansion.
Side by Side on Key Policy Issues:
Democrat Position Republican Position
Committed to ensuring a quality education for every child across the commonwealth.
Create a Student Loan Authority to ease the student loan crisis. Increase pre-K for all Virginians
Arch-conservative whose desire to balance the budget and lower taxes for the rich overrides the need to invest in infrastructure, education, healthcare, emergency services, and any help for low income workers and the poor.
Women’s rights and healthcare Push back on attempts to infringe on women’s health programs and work to end the gender pay gap. Opposes a woman’s right to choose.
Equality and Civil Liberties Fight for reform in the criminal justice system. End all barriers to voting including discriminatory Voter ID laws Supports anti-immigration legislation and discrimination against LGBTQ people and others.

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