Karrie Delaney
Chantilly/Fairfax County DC Metro



a proven leader, dedicated life to public service, Karrie Delaney stands up for those in need. She worked at a group home for foster children and was a member of West Melbourne City Council. She served as President of Shared Hope, an organization dedicated to ending sex trafficking. She currently works with Voices for Vaccines, providing clear scientific information to parents.

How Close is this Race?

Clinton won this district by nearly 27 percentage points (60.38% to 33.68%)! It’s time for the majority Democrats in District 67 to be represented. In the last election, Republican  LeMunyon ran unopposed! In his previous election, he won by 2,145 votes, with little participation by Democrats. It’s time for Democrats to get to the polls this November and vote for Karrie Delaney. We are going to win this election for the Democrats in 2017!

November 2016 Presidential Race
26,416 11,473
60.4% 33.7%
2013 House of Delegates Race
10,642 12,787
45.34% 54.48%

Why this Race Matters most:
With a majority and an energized Democratic electorate, HD67 is a winnable district, trending blue. This race is critical to strengthen Democratic strongholds to override gerrymandered GOP margins in Richmond, if Democrats show up to the polls.


  • Why Democrat Karrie Delaney?
    • She is staunch defender of Women’s Rights.
    • She supports comprehensive immigration reform that provide a pathway to citizenship for law abiding, tax-paying immigrants.
    • She advocates equality and inclusion for all, no matter race gender, religion, or life choice.
  • Why NOT Republican Incumbent James LeMunyon?
    • He is anti-LGBTQ, anti-Women’s rights, and anti-Medicaid expansion.
    • He voted for pre-emptive state legislation to prohibit cities from increasing minimum wage or benefits
    • He voted to reduce State Employee Retirement Benefits.
Side by Side on Key Policy Issues:
Democrat Position Republican Position
Women’s Rights


Staunch defender, sexual assault counselor, raise awareness of abuse around the world. Against women’s rights, voted in 2016 and 2017 to defund Planned Parenthood.
Immigration Supports comprehensive immigration reform, believes diversity greatest asset to community. Supported HB 2000 (prohibits sanctuary cities) and HB 2002 (requires refugee agencies report yearly on refugees’ location, age, gender and nationality).
Diversity Strong advocate for equality and inclusion, believes diversity is our biggest strength. Anti-LGBTQ, voted to allow businesses to discriminate under cover of “religious freedom”.


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