Kathy Tran
SE Fairfax County
DC Metro



Mother of 4; dedicated life advocating for working Americans, rights of immigrants, veterans, women, education.

Vietnamese refugee, 12 years civil service experience with leading immigration organization, represents veterans affairs.

Voting rights advocate, protects Virginia environment, progressive values to ensure Democracy, expand Medicaid.

How Close is this Race?

In 2016 Clinton won this district by 20 percentage points! In 2014 Democrat Warner won by 2 points and in 2013 McAuliffe won by 6 points. The GOP incumbent delegate decided not to run for re-election, as the district is trending blue. We can now vote in a candidate who will remedy the Republicans’ consistent erosion of rights and their support of far-right issues that do not represent the will of this district. HD42 is ready go Democrat in 2017!!

November 2016 Presidential Race
24,940 15,158
58% 35.7%
2013 House of Delegates Race
10,247 15,303
40.1% 59.8%

Why this Race Matters most:
Seat currently held by conservative Republican, 22% did not vote, imperative that Democrats vote! With the incumbent Republican not running and a majority Democratic electorate, this race has a very strong chance of electing Democrat Kathy Tran, if Democrats show up to the polls.


  • Why Democrat Kathy Tran?
    • Stands for progressive values, ensures children access to high quality education, fights for higher education, invests in community colleges, builds career pathways.
    • Fights for Civil Rights, expands Medicaid, fights gender-based discrimination, supports workforce development, safeguards women’s rights.
    • Supports comprehensive immigration reform, background checks for guns, fight Trump at State level.
  • Why NOT Republican Lolita Macheno-Smoak?
    • Extreme Tea Party Activist with Far-right credentials, more conservative than her predecessor.
    • Anti-choice extremist, supports Trump calling him the “ideal President”.
    • Hopes to become the next Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman.
Side by Side on Key Policy Issues:
Democrat Position Republican Position
Civil Rights and Democracy


Staunch advocate for voting rights. Incumbent disenfranchised thousand of voters through database matching and photo ID laws
Healthcare Expand Medicaid, safeguard women’s right to choose, provide access to healthcare. Incumbent eliminated funding for clinics that provide health services for low income women.
Gun Safety Universal background checks to keep guns out of hands of criminals, domestic abusers, and mentally ill. Incumbent voted to authorize guns in K-12 schools.


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