David Reid
Asburn/Loudoun County DC Metro



During the 23 years that David served as a Naval Intelligence officer, he was awarded the distinguished Navy Commendation Medal 3 times.  David grew up in the United Methodist Children’s Home in Richmond, where earning 35 cents an hour taught him the value of a hard-earned dollar and the importance of hard work. David has lived in Ashburn for 17 years; his daughters went to public schools there. He is a soccer coach for the community teams.

How Close is this Race?

Clinton won District 32 by 19 percentage points in 2016 with a very strong Democratic showing! The incumbent Republican is a strong fiscal and social conservative who votes on the far right. He only won his last election by 1138 votes. It’s time to elect a Democrat who represents the views of the majority.

November 2016 Presidential Race
21,875 14,536
57% 38%
2013 House of Delegates Race
11,084 11,735
48.5% 51.35%

Why this Race Matters most:
It’s time to move forward with positive change: improve transportation for Northern Virginia, strengthen education, grow the economy with green energy jobs, expand Medicaid to bring federal dollars to Virginia, and support women’s reproductive rights. With a strong majority Democratic electorate, this race has a great chance of electing Democrat David Reid, as long as Democrats show up to the polls.


  • Why Democrat David Reid?
    • David will focus on improving transportation for Northern Virginia with ideas such as common sense “distance-based” pricing for the Dulles Freeway.
    • David will advocate for energy independence and protecting the environment and help create new, high-tech energy jobs.
    • David will advocate for reassessing the funding formulas so Loudoun County gets back its fair share for our needs in transportation, education, and public safety. We send $1 to Richmond but only get back 30 cents.
  • Why NOT Republican Incumbent TAG Greason?
    • Greason has consistently voted against Medicaid expansion. That means that VA has lost billions of dollars of federal funding and lost thousands of new jobs that would have been created.
    • Greason has voted to make it more difficult for ordinary citizens to vote by increasing voting requirements and paperwork.
    • Greason is endorsed by the NRA and votes for the positions favored by them.
Side by Side on Key Policy Issues:
Democrat Position Republican Position


David supports the expansion of Medicaid for over 400,000 Virginians. The expansion would bring $2 Billion per year of federal money to the State. Greason has voted with all other Republicans against Medicaid expansion every year.
Women’s rights and women’s health David believes a woman has the right to make decisions about her health and body without interference from the state. Greason has sponsored and supported many bills against women’s rights: (1) to limit a woman’s right to choose (2) to defund Planned Parenthood and (3) to prevent poor women from receiving federal money for some contraceptives.
Preventable gun violence David supports gun safety measures to include: universal background checks, mental health checks, and restrictions on convicted domestic abusers. Greason has repeatedly voted against common sense gun safety bills.

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