The incumbent Republican, Scott Lingamfelter, is an extreme social conservative who doesn’t represent the majority in District 31.

Vote for Elizabeth Guzman who has two Master's degrees in Public Administration Social Work and 15 years of work helping the people of Virginia. She will be a voice for thousands in the district for education, healthcare, and equality.

Incumbent Voting Record

Check out Lingamfelter's dismal voting record: Lingamfelter Voting Record

Unsavory Donors

Lingamfelter's donors include out-of-state predatory payday lenders, private prison healthcare consultants,  natural gas companies, private highway companies, and gaming/lottery companies.

Media Reports

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Short Summaries


 Opioid overdose deaths exceed fatal car accidents as the leading cause of unnatural death in Virginia, killing over 1,000 Virginians a year.,  Governor McAuliffe has declared the opioid addiction crisis a public health emergency in Virginia. Your delegate, Scott Lingamfelter, as a member of the Republican majority in the House of Delegates, prevented the expansion of Medicaid, denying 400,000 eligible Virginians access to substance abuse services.

Women’s Health Rights

The availability of low- and no-cost health services for women has been protected once again in Virginia when Governor McAuliffe vetoed legislation on Feb 21, 2017. The bill would have removed all state funding for medical services (which currently do not include funding abortions) to Planned Parenthood clinics. The bill was sponsored by Del. Benjamin L. Cline (R24-Rockbridge) and was passed in the state House and Senate with all Republicans supporting it, including your delegate, Scott Lingamfelter (R31).  

Had the bill passed into law, women in Virginia would no longer have access to well-women services such as screening for sexually transmitted diseases and family planning at Planned Parenthood clinics. In Richmond alone, Planned Parenthood served over 13,000 patients in 2013 for precancerous screenings, annual exams, and prescription birth control. Planned Parenthood is one of the few medical clinics addressing health disparity in our communities where the poor have few other affordable healthcare choices. The Republicans’ war on women continues unabated. Constant vigilance is necessary to protect women’s access to vital healthcare services and to protect women’s freedom to make personal decisions about their health.