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Lifelong resident of district, born and raised in Manassas, Danica is an award-winning reporter who worked for nine years as the lead reporter for the Gainsville times covering issues in District 13. Thirteen years of Catholic education including St. Bonaventure University, contributed to her commitment to equality and inclusion for all people.

How Close is this Race?

Clinton won District 32 by 15 points in 2016. The incumbent Republican has held the position for 26 years despite his extreme conservative religious views. In 2013, he won by only 500 votes. If Democrats in District 13 support equality and inclusion by voting for Danica Roem at the same rate as they voted for Hillary, then District 13 would turn blue and reflect the majority in the district.

November 2016 Presidential Race
15,206 11,193
55% 40%
2013 House of Delegates Race
8,448 8,946
49% 51%

Why this Race Matters most:
It’s time for District 13 to be represented by a delegate who is committed to equality and inclusion for all people instead of an extreme religious crusader who doesn’t represent the views of the majority. Democrats have a chance to flip this district blue if there is a strong showing at the polls for Danica.


  • Why Democrat Danica Roem?
    • She has practical, concrete ideas for solving district problems such as transportation, schools and jobs.
    • Danica Roem stands for equality–supports minimum wage increase for workers, affordable healthcare for all, voting rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, civil rights, and immigrant rights (DREAM act).
    • She will focus on job creation, expanding businesses in the Innovation Technology Park area of Manassus extending the transit system, and improving the infrastructure to support growth.
  • Why NOT Extremist Republican Bob Marshall?
    • Bob Marshall opposes contraception and all abortions even in the cases of rape, incest, or severe deformities. He said disabled children are God’s punishment for prior abortions and that incest can be voluntary.
    • He opposes all LGBTQ rights and co-authored the state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.
    • He opposes Medicaid expansion, supports bills to deny voting rights, opposes regulations to combat climate change, and opposes immigration.
Side by Side on Key Policy Issues:
Democrat Position Republican Position


Widen Route 28 to 6 lanes south of US 29 and reduce number of stoplights; extend Virginia Railway Express to Innovation Technology Park. Install reversible lanes on Route 28; opposed to carpool toll lanes on I-66.
Schools Raise teacher salaries in Manassas Park and Prince William County (lowest in VA); provide funding for capital improvements to reduce class size. Supports school vouchers and home schooling, which diverts funds from public schools.
Jobs/Economic Development Raise minimum wage; use state economic development grants for local governments to eliminate BPOL (business license) taxes; fill office vacancies along Manassas Drive. Against minimum wage increase; has no economic development plan, just minor legislation giving minimal support to small businesses.


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