The incumbent Republican, Joseph Yost, has recently flip flopped on several social issues to appear more moderate than he actually is.

Join the majority in District 12 and vote for Democrat Chris Hurst who will fight to bring economic opportunity to SW Virginia.

Incumbent Voting Record

Check out Yost's real conservative voting record:  Yost Voting Record

Unsavory Donors

Unsavory donors include the Koch Brothers (through Dominion Leadership Trust PAC), Dominion Energy, Appalachian Power, HCA, Altria tobacco, out-of-state pharmaceutical companies, and alcohol distributors.

Media Reports

Roanoke Times

The Roanoke Times reports that "the Giles County Historical Society has lost its tax-exempt status for failing to file certain tax forms with the Internal Revenue Service.

The issue arose as Joseph Yost, the society’s director, campaigns for re-election for his fourth term in Virginia’s House of Delegates.


The IRS revoked the society’s tax exempt status in May 2016 because representatives failed to file annual 990 forms for three consecutive years."

According to Chris Hurst's campaign manager, Andrew Whitley, Yost has made a habit of financial mismanagement at several organizations where he worked and made late tax payments and did not follow proper procurement procedures when soliciting contracts.

Short Summaries


Opioid overdose deaths exceed fatal car accidents as the leading cause of unnatural death in Virginia, killing over 1,000 Virginians a year.,  Governor McAuliffe has declared the opioid addiction crisis a public health emergency in Virginia. Your delegate, Joseph Yost, as a member of the Republican majority in the House of Delegates, prevented the expansion of Medicaid, denying 400,000 eligible Virginians access to substance abuse services.