Wendy Gooditis 

HD-10 Loudoun County

DC Metro



Wendy has followed her family background of strong working women. She has been in the police dept, technology, education, and real estate.

She has a Master’s in Education and has taught in Virginia public schools.

Co-founded the Indivisible Chapter in Red Clarke county; now has over 300 members.

How Close is this Race?

Clinton won district 10 by 4 points in 2016. The incumbent Republican is an ultra conservative candidate who has been in office for too long. 

November 2016 Presidential Race
18,626 17,167
49% 45.17%
2013 House of Delegates Race
9,723 12,950
42.8% 57.01%

Why this Race Matters most:
Wendy Gooditis is working on behalf of the citizens of District 10. With a strong incumbent Republican and a slim majority Democratic electorate, this race has a chance of having a Democrat elected, if Democrats show up to the polls in strong numbers.

  • Why Democrat Wendy Gooditis?
    • She believes that quality healthcare should be accessible and affordable for everyone. She supports the expansion of Medicaid.
    • Wendy supports a living wage and benefits for public educators whose pay is about $7,000 under the national average. Then Virginia can recruit and retain top talent.
    • Wendy will defend and expand environmental protections. She has pledged not to take campaign contributions from Dominion or Appalachian Power.
    • Wendy wants to make mental health services accessible and affordable. She recently lost her younger brother to mental illness. She is running so Virginia families don’t have to experience what hers did.
  • Why NOT Republican Randall Minchew?
    • Economic Inequality: He voted to prohibit cities from increasing minimum wage or benefits and voted to reduce state employee retirement benefits.
    • Anti-voting Rights: He voted for bills that disenfranchise thousands of voters through database matching and photo ID laws.
    • Healthcare: He voted to eliminate or reduce funding for clinics that provide health services for women and voted against Medicaid expansion.
Side by Side on Key Policy Issues:
Democrat Position Republican Position

Voting Rights

She firmly opposes any efforts to make voting harder. She wants to ensure district lines are not drawn to favor any individual or political party. He voted for bills that prevent thousands of voters from voting due to voter restriction laws.
Living Wage She believes in technical education, a living minimum wage, and jobs for veterans. He is against increasing the minimum wage and is for reducing state employee retirement benefits.
Healthcare She believes in quality healthcare for everyone. She supports the expansion of Medicaid. He voted with the Republican block against Medicaid expansion.

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