Minnesota State Senate Districts

MN State Senate district map

Minnesota State House Districts

MN state house districts map

Minnesota Election Information

In the 2016 election, Clinton won in Minnesota by 1.53% (44,765 votes).  However, in the State House, Republicans control 57% of the seats while the State Senate is more evenly distributed with Republicans only maintaining a one seat advantage. If you are a Democrat in Minnesota, you are NOT being represented in your State House.  November 2018 is your chance to right the imbalance and bring fairness back into Minnesota politics before the 2020 census redistricting. It will be a busy elections season as all of Minnesota's executive offices are up for elections as well as both US Senators and all 8 US Reps. Only District 13 is up for election in the State Senate in November.  The control of the state senate is currently split and will hinge on whoever (Dem or Repub) wins that election.

State House - Margins of Victory

All 134 districts in the House are up for reelection in November 2018 for two-year terms. Clinton won 12 districts in 2016 that are currently occupied by a Republican ( X are held by incumbents running again).  The Democrats need to pick up 11 seats to regain the majority.  



  • Dark Blue %:  Clinton Mov in District
  • Orange %: 2016 House MoV (Dem-Rep)
  • Red bar: Republican occupies district seat
  • Blue bar: Democrat occupies district seat

State Senate - 2016 Margins of Victory

Only District 13 in the Minnesota State Senate is  up for election in 2018. This crucial election will determine the control of the Senate. In 2016 Democrats lost 6 seats. Next elections will be in 2020 for four-year terms.



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MN-Campaign Finance

money suitcase

Minnesota: Sold to the Highest Bidder

Privatization that has become increasingly common across states is a result of the outsized power that one constituency—corporate interests—has to influence legislation. But corporations, whose primary motive is profit, don't necessarily consider the societal costs of their actions. We need a society that benefits the majority, not just a few wealthy individuals and corporations.

The American Legislative Exchange Council, commonly referred to as ALEC, and controlled by a few wealthy individuals and corporations, has had a huge impact on laws passed within the states. Its impact comes from writing "model" legislation, which is then given to lawmakers who sponsor it. This has resulted in nearly identical bills being passed in many different states. more ...


broken bridge

Minnesota: Roads to Ruin

Minnesota’s roads are vital infrastructure that allows personal and commercial traffic to operate safely and efficiently. These same roads and highways, however, are decaying rapidly due to years of being underfunded. Ignoring a problem does not make it simply go away, yet the Republican-controlled state House seems to think it will. The Legislature controls the purse strings for the state’s transportation system. It is apparent that this goal cannot be met as long as the Republicans control the Legislature. more ...


gas masks

3M Contamination Controversy

Minnesota sued manufacturing giant 3M for environmental damage caused by waste chemicals, known by the class name of perfluorocarbons, or PFCs, which have dispersed into a 100-square-mile plume in the groundwater.  more ...

Our Featured Candidates

We are supporting candidates where we can make a big difference and help flip seats blue in State Houses and Senates.


Heather Edelson


Community leader and activist wants to improve educational opportunities at all levels, protect Minnesota's natural resources, and invest in technical education for future workforce needs.

Anne Claflin HD 54A

Anne Claflin


Scientist Anne Claflin will be vigilant about protecting our water resources and our environment and holding polluters accountable.

Kelly Moller

Kelly Moller


State of Minnesota career prosecutor and victim rights advocate focusing on sexual assault cases for 20 years. She seeks to reform the criminal justice system, strengthen education, and invest in our economy.

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