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Jennifer Suidan

Nov 2018           MI HD-39            NW Detroit

Jennifer Sudan grew up in this district and is a proud graduate of Walled Lake Central. Her first job was working at her family’s business, Jennifer’s Cafe, where she developed a strong work ethic and pride for the community. She attended Central Michigan University and unlike many of her peers, stayed in Michigan after graduating.

Jennifer’s career started with helping elect officials in Oakland County, including serving as the campaign manager for Oakland County Treasurer Andy Meisner – making her the first woman to ever run a winning, county-wide campaign. 

For the last five years, in addition to her work with candidates and causes, she has worked at the law firm of Goodman Acker as a  legal assistant working in campaign finance and election law.

How Close is this Race?

Clinton lost House District 39 by fewer than 2000 votes (3.7%) in 2016. Republican Klint Kesto won the district by an 8% margin.

November 2016 Presidential Race

Clinton (D)

Trump (R)

23,551 25,439
45.98% 49.67%
2016 Michigan HD39 Race

Michael Stack (D)

Klint Kesto (Inc) (R)

20,975 25,024
42.25% 50.41%

Why this Race Matters most:

Jennifer Suidan will work on behalf of the citizens of House District 39. The primaries on August 7 showed that this district contains nearly equal numbers of active voters with 9,968  Republicans voting versus 9763 Democrats voting for Jennifer running unopposed. With a strong Democratic candidate, this race has a good chance of having a Democrat elected, if every Democrat in the district shows up to the polls with their Photo ID!


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Democrat Issues

  • Strengthen Education

    Properly funded for better outcomes in literacy, smaller class sizes, and better classroom learning environments.

  • Rebuild Our Roads

    Comprehensive plan to repair and replace our roads and bridges and protect from further deterioration.

  • Protect Our Water

    Protecting our inland lakes from fracking and bottling plants and preserved for our residents.

More Information


Geography and Environment: MI HD 39 is located within the Detroit Area, and more specifically in Oakland County, about halfway between Detroit and Flint (35 miles outside of Detroit and 42 from Flint). HD 39 is a 40-60 minute drive to downtown Detroit, with numerous lakes, natural preserves, parks, and low population density. The townships border suburban and small rural neighborhoods. Apart from Detroit, the closest cities are Pontiac, Fenton, and Flint.

Citizenry: HD 39 is majority White, with 82.3%, followed by 7.7% Black, then 5.2% Asian. The citizenry rates are similar, with 85.3% being natural born citizens, 9% being naturalized citizens, and only 5.1% not being citizens. Of the foreign born population, 60.7% were born in Asia, a quarter  coming from Iraq.  The language most commonly spoken at home (after English) is Arabic, at 3.5% of households.  The age structure of HD 39 spikes with 50-54 year olds, who hold 9.28% of the population, and 15-17 year olds, with 4.75% of the population. After the age of 54, the population declines to 1.61% of the population being 85+. There is also a dip between the ages of 17-30, suggesting an emigration of young adults.

Education: 53% of the population in HD 39 holds a degree higher than a high school degree. Only 6.6% do not hold a high school degree. While there are no universities or colleges directly inside the district, Michigan State University, Southern University, and The Art Institute of Michigan are located just Southeast of the district, with a variety of universities being located in nearby Detroit.

Economy: The total mean annual income of households in HD 39 in $76.6K, with the Asian population making the largest annual mean of $129.1K, followed distantly by the White population with  $77.2K annually. The Mixed Race population makes the least with a mean of $54.6K annually. The mean annual income of the 7.5% of households on food stamps is $26.4K, while those not on food stamps earn a median of $80.8K. Of those of working age, 6.2% are unemployed with an added 31.2% not in the labor force. The population with the lowest employment rate is that of Asian women, who are only 47.3% employed, followed by Hispanic women with 51.8% employment. The most employed group is Hispanic men, 85.6% who are employed, followed by Asian men with 82% employment. The largest industry in HD 39 is manufacturing, employing 17.3% of the population, followed by retail and healthcare with 13.7% and 13.1%, respectively.

Health status: In Oakland County, 5.2% of the population under the age of 65 is living without health insurance, and 7.9% live with a disability. This is dangerous, as the water quality in the district is quite low, with >50 ug/L of arsenic in the groundwater and >1-5 mg/L of nitrate in the drinking water, both of which can cause serious health risks.

Transportation: The average commute time for those living in Oakland county is 26.5 minutes, with no developed or reliable public transportation system in place. This means commuters are required to drive to work, negatively impacting the air quality of the district.

Opposition Report


Republican : Ryan Berman

The current Republican incumbent is term-limited and not eligible to run again.  Ryan Berman won the primary on August 7, 2018, beating 3 other  candidates.

Ryan Berman is a conventional conservative Republican:  Gun rights, law and order, lower taxes, and reduction in protective regulations.


Republican  trifecta control of Michigan (Governor, Senate and House) has resulted in a bad economy. deteriorating roads and infrastructure, a devastated educational system riddled with non-performing for-profit charters, and polluted water. It's time to bring Democrats back to clean up the mess and create opportunity for all Michigan residents.

Side by Side on Key Policy Issues:
Democrat Position Republican Position


Reinvest in our public schools for better outcomes in literacy, smaller class sizes, and better classroom learning environments. Supports bringing the option of skilled trades training back in the schools, while cutting taxes, further decimating funding for public schools.
Roads and Bridges Comprehensive plan to repair and replace our roads and bridges and protect from further deterioration. Plans to cut government spending and reduce taxes, cutting off funds for infrastructure maintenance.
Water Integrity Protect our inland lakes from pollution and exploitation by fracking and bottling companies. Plans to cut taxes. No statement made on the environment but is staunch supporter and defender of the Second Amendment and "our natural right to self defense."