Our States

Our States

We are supporting states where we can make a big difference and help flip seats BLUE in State House and Senate chambers.

State Election Information 2020


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Pennsylvania 2020

Democrats make up 58% in this state based on their 2018 Governor’s election results. Clinton lost by only 0.7% (44,292 votes) in 2016. Despite losing 5 seats in 2018, Republicans, however, still control the state Senate with 58% to 42% and the state House 54% to 46%. It’s time to turn the state legislature BLUE so it represents the people!


Michigan 2020

Democrats make up 53% of the electorate based on the 2018 Governor’s race but are not represented in this heavily-gerrymandered and voter-suppressed state. The Dems only have 47% of the  House and only 42% of the Senate! November 2020 is your final chance to right the imbalance and bring fairness back into Michigan politics before the 2020 census redistricting.

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Arizona 2020

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema won the U.S. Senate with a 2.4% margin statewide in 2018. In the 2016 presidential election, Clinton lost in Arizona by only 3.57% (91,234 votes) out of 2,604,657 votes cast.  Republicans currently still control the Arizona State House 31-29 despite losing 5 seats in 2018 and State Senate 17-13. In November 2020, Democrats need to flip only a few more seats in this increasingly Democratic state to correct the imbalance and get rid of the Republican trifecta.

HISTORICAL State Election Information


Virginia 2019

The election of 2019 resulted in flipping the House of Delegates BLUE with 6 new Democrats. The Senate also flipped BLUE with two new Democrats including the first Muslim-American! Our new Blue Trifecta will ensure that the state redistricting after the 2020 census is fair.

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Florida 2018

Democrats make up nearly 50% in this heavily-gerrymandered state but have little representation in state government:  only 40% in the Senate and 33% in the House. It’s time to turn the state legislature BLUE so it represents the people of Florida!


Michigan 2018

Democrats make up 49.8% of the electorate but are not represented in this heavily-gerrymandered and voter- suppressed state. The Dems only have 43% of the Senate and only 29% of the Senate! With all the term limits, it’s time to turn this state back to BLUE!


Minnesota 2018

Hillary carried Minnesota by 1.4% in the general election after losing to Sanders in the Democratic primary 62% to 38%. Elections in November 2018 are for all 134 members of the State House. Democrats need to flip 11 seats to regain control. Hillary won 12 of the districts in 2016 that are currently occupied by a nervous Republican. All of Minnesota’s executive officers are also up for election as well as its two US Senators and all US House Reps. Note that Minnesota has a highly-informed and educated electorate with among the highest voter turnout (75%). The State Senate is not up for reelection in November 2018 except for District 13, a crucial election that will determine control of the MN Senate.


Virginia 2017

In 2016 Democrats make up 50% of the electorate but were not represented in the Virginia House of Delegates with only 34% of Delegates. The election of 2017 resulted in a tidal wave of Blue with 15 seats flipping. The House would have turned blue if the Republicans hadn’t resorted to dirty tricks by claiming a single invalid ballot. In 2019 the House of Delegates will flip BLUE!!