There are so many ways to volunteer to help out local state campaigns.

You can phonebank, textbank, canvass, or register voters. Find opportunities within a few miles of your home or you can even work right from your own home with your own computer or phone. 

Go to www.multiplyyourvote.org 

and search by your preferred zip code. 

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Join Local Majority to help with our issue and opposition research work. We have researchers, writers, web designers, social media experts, and software engineers from all over the United States helping out. Join us and help save the Democracy!

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Contributions to Local Majority will be used to offset operating expenses, social media and GOTV campaigns, and help us scale our operations in strategic state races that are critical to achieve progressive majorities across the country. Local Majority is a registered Federal PAC and contributions are not tax-deductible.

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Want to help turn state legislatures back to Blue?

Don’t just spend time answering online petitions! 

There are tons of actions you can take.


Be sure to Vote in November!