State Legislatures Are KEY

State legislatures not only create the laws that affect the everyday lives of their constituents, they also play a critical role in determining the districts for the U.S. House of Representatives and thus the fate of the entire country. As new districts come into play after the 2020 census, it will be critical to maintain and extend our Democratic gains in the face of overwhelming Republican gerrymandering and voter suppression. Local Majority provides research that is practical and accessible to support Democratic campaigns for state legislature. Support our efforts or volunteer with us!

Good Things Happen When Democrats Win!

Case study:  Virginia 2019

Democrats win Trifecta in State Government: Governor, House of Delegates, and State Senate

In two years, Democrats have passed:

      • Voting rights bills to make access to voting easier and prevent discrimination.
      • Climate change bills to eliminate coal-burning plants, expand renewables and electric vehicles, and create jobs in clean energy.
      • Worker protection bills to increase the minimum wage and protect workers from underpayment.
      • Equal Rights Amendment to guarantee equal legal rights regardless of sex, becoming the 38th and final state needed for ratification to amend the US Constitution.
      • Education bills to increase funding to schools and teachers and make community college free for low- and middle-income students.
      • Gun protection bills with mandatory background checks, red flag law removing weapons from people deemed a threat, and limits on the quantities of guns buyable each month.
      • Criminal justice reform, abolishing the death penalty, legalizing marijuana, and reforming the police.
      • Civil rights bills to repeal 100 outdated, discriminatory bills including the ban on gay marriage.

Let’s make sure that Democrats stay in control next year for more needed reforms.

Vote for Democrats in 2021 and 2022!

Our State 2021

We are working on Virginia 2021 this year to help maintain our Democratic majority and expand it. The accomplishments to date over the last two years of Democratic control have been astounding, from criminal justice reform to expanded medical coverage to 400,000 more Virginians, to voting rights, and much more.

Our ISSUE Reports AND MEDIA bundles

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VA-Criminal Justice Bundle


Virginia Democrats are working to make communities safer by reforming the criminal justice system. Since the Democrats gained control of Virginia’s General Assembly in 2019, they have undertaken major criminal justice reforms. During the legislative sessions of 2020 and 2021, the General Assembly, with both the House and Senate under Democratic control for the first time since 1993, passed more than 20 criminal-justice reform bills.

Visit our Criminal Justice page for our Issue Report and Talking Points and for numerous creative assets to use in your social media feeds:

Criminal Justice Reform - Social Media Bundle

Issue Report: Criminal Justice Reform -  April 14, 2021



In 2020, Democrats in the House of Delegates and Senate passed a number of progressive-oriented measures to expand voting rights, provide some sensible regulation on gun ownership, and guarantee a minimum wage increase. But in the area of labor unions, Democratic progress was tentative, limited to permitting (but not requiring) local authorities to engage in collective bargaining with unions representing public employees. Anti-worker right-to-work remains the law of the state and public employees continue to be banned from striking even if represented by a union.

Labor Unions in VA - An Update  -  April 13, 2021



Workers in the U.S. are taken advantage of by being inaccurately labeled as independent contractors instead of as employees. The default classification for workers is to be employees; only if specific criteria are met can a worker be an independent contractor. Misclassified workers are generally paid less and lose many worker protections. Worker misclassification is a widespread problem in Virginia that harms workers, compliant businesses and the revenue streams of government. Thanks to the more worker-friendly Democratic-controlled general Assembly, Virginia workers now have more protections against unscrupulous employers.

Issue Report: Worker Misclassification -  May 10, 2021



Help support Local Majority's mission to provide critical research to Democratic state legislative candidates. To date, Local Majority has produced 140 issue papers for 145 candidates in Virginia, Michigan, Minnesota, and Florida during the 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 elections.

We're already working hard Virginia for 2021 and in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona again to help rebuild the Blue Wall & flip state legislatures Blue in November 2022.



Our States 2022

We are working on 2022 with states where we can make a big difference and help flip seats BLUE in state Houses and Senates.

It's All AboutSaving our Democracy

It's time to flip the country BLUE.

Help us take back state legislatures in November.

BLUE IN 2021 and 2022!



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