State Legislatures Are KEY

State legislatures not only create the laws that affect the everyday lives of their constituents, they also play a critical role in determining the districts for the U.S. House of Representatives and thus the fate of the entire country. Local Majority provides research that is practical and accessible to support progressive campaigns for state legislature. Join us or support our efforts!


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Thank you to everyone who participated in our FUNdraiser and  special screening of  "Rigged - The Voter Suppression Playbook."

We will be working hard to turn Virginia blue in November 2019 and help elect Democrats in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania in November 2020.

This powerful film examines how, since 2008, right-wing groups have worked with certain states to make it harder to vote, particularly for minority groups and young people. Co-produced by Woodside resident Mac Heller. Click here to view movie trailer.



Help support Local Majority's mission to provide critical research to Democratic state legislative candidates. To date, Local Majority has produced 140 issue papers for 145 candidates in Virginia, Michigan, Minnesota, and Florida during the 2017, 2018, and 2019 elections.

We're already gearing up for 2020 in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin to help rebuild the Blue Wall & flip state legislatures from Red to Blue.

Our State 2019

For the November 2019 elections, we are supporting the Virginia House of Delegates and State Senate. We are also gearing up for 2020 by supporting special elections in states where we can make a big difference and help flip seats blue in State Houses and Senates.

Virginia delegate map


Democrats make up more than 50% of this heavily (and illegally) gerrymandered state. The Supreme Court heard arguments on redistricting the House of Delegates districts and ruled in favor of new districts drawn to eliminate racial discrimination.  The new districts are in play and should bring more fairness into the elections. The House only needs 2 seats to flip Blue and the Senate only 2 as well. All 100 seats in the House are up for election (for two-year terms) and all 40 in the Senate (for four-year terms).  It is not the time for complacency. This election will determine the US House districts after the 2020 census for the next decade. It's time for the legislature to reflect the will of the majority in Virginia. Support BLUE candidates and Vote BLUE! Do NOT stay home on November 5!

Our Latest Reports

Read here for our latest in-depth research reports supporting progressive state district campaigns.


Sea Level Inundation in Florida

Virginia K-12 Education Funding

Teacher pay in Virginia has been among the lowest in the nation. In 2018, when adjusted for inflation, Virginia’s teachers made on average 4.5 percent less than they did ten years prior. Read our new report on the efforts of Democrats to make progress  toward alleviating the teacher pay issue in Virginia. more ...

K-12 Education Funding

VA-Gun Safety

Solar Panels

Gun Safety in Virginia

Every 10 hours, a person is killed with a gun in Virginia in cases that involve suicide, domestic violence, accidental shootings, or interpersonal disputes. Virginia’s gun laws are among the weakest in the country. Read our report to understand what can be done to prevent gun violence. It starts with voting Democrat in 2019.  more …


Infant in ICU

Virginia Under Water

Virginia is experiencing the highest rate of sea-level rise on the East Coast and one of the highest rates in the U.S. overall. Flooding from sea-level rise is projected to cause billions of dollars in damage and displace hundreds of thousands of people. more …

Our States 2020

We are already gearing up for 2020 and choosing states where we can make a big difference and help flip seats BLUE in State Houses and Senates.

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Support BLUE candidates and Vote BLUE!

blue Ridge parkway


Support BLUE candidates and Vote BLUE!

Milwaukee Art Museum
Image by David Mark from Pixabay


Support BLUE candidates and Vote BLUE!

Multiply your Vote with Julia Louis-Dreyfus


Democrats: Don't just Vote, Volunteer!

Julia Video Screen shot

Join Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Local Majority and volunteer at

At, you can find numerous volunteer activities such as talking to voters, texting, writing letters, or phone banking opportunities. Many allow you to help out right from your home .

It's VITAL that we help get Virginia Democrats elected this year and if you live in Virginia that you vote for Democrats on November 5, 2019.

Our Democracy is at stake as well as our Healthcare and Human Rights.


Campaigns: Use our Tools

Local Majority has put together a variety of resources for Democratic campaigns. These include:

  • Resources for finding volunteers
  • Video PSAs with Julia Louis-Dreyfus to help amplify your message
  • Issue ads
  • Research resources

Find information under the Candidates tab or click the button below.


2018 Election Results: Democratic Tsunami!


The Blue Wave hit the 2018 midterm elections!

US House of Representatives: 40 seats flipped and Democrats took control!

US Senate: 2 seats flipped (AZ, NV), lost 4 seats, but defended 22.

National popular vote margin: 8.9 million Democratic votes over Republicans.

Governors: Dems picked up 13 seats!

State Legislative Chambers: Dems flipped 6!  (CO Senate, CT Senate, ME Senate, MN House, NH Senate AND House, and NY Senate)

State Legislative races: Dems picked up at least 332 seats.


Local Majority had very successful results supporting state legislative candidates in Florida, Michigan, and Minnesota with targeted legislative and opposition research and election activities.


Local Majority Results: Report

Democrats flipped 6 seats in the state House. Local Majority provided research and other assistance to all six.

One seat in the state Senate flipped. Assistance provided by Local Majority.

In a state that is nearly evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, the partisan gerrymandering and voter suppression is extreme with the Republican trifecta. Democrats are not represented at the state legislative level. Key talking point for Florida for 2020.


Local Majority Results: Report

Michigan’s voter turnout was the highest for midterm elections in nearly 50 years.

Broke Trifecta in heavily gerrymandered state

Gained 6 seats in State House

Gained 6 seats in state Senate, depriving Republicans of their supermajority.

Local Majority districts: 4 of the districts we worked with flipped and 2 others came within about 1% of ousting the Republican incumbent (shifting the MOV by ~-12%) in two Trump-won districts.


Local Majority Results:  Report

Highest voter turnout in the nation.

State House flipped Democratic (18 seats).

Governor stayed Democratic.

Divided State (MN Senate is  Republican controlled by 1 vote, having flipped 6 seats in 2016 to take control. All 67 seats are up for election in 2020).

Local Majority supported candidates: 12 of the candidates we assisted flipped seats.


13 out of our 15 supported candidates for the VA House of Delegates won in November 2017!

It’s All AboutSaving our Democracy

It's time to flip the country BLUE.

Help us take back state legislatures in November.

BLUE IN 2019 and 2020!