State Legislatures Are KEY

State legislatures not only create the laws that affect the everyday lives of their constituents, they also play a critical role in determining the districts for the U.S. House of Representatives and thus the fate of the entire country. As new districts come into play after the 2020 census, it will be critical to maintain and extend our Democratic gains in the face of overwhelming Republican gerrymandering and voter suppression. Local Majority provides research that is practical and accessible to support Democratic campaigns for state legislature. Support our efforts or volunteer with us!

Arizona 2024

We are working to flip the entire legislature to a Democratic majority. Only two seats are needed to flip the Senate and the House. The Republican controlled legislature has for years trampled on voting rights, education, teacher's salaries, worker's rights, criminal justice reforms, LGBTQ+ rights, and much more. It's time to vote for your freedom and rights. Vote Democrat from the US Senate seat all the way down ballot.

Primary Election:       August 6, 2024 (6 a.m. to 7 p.m)

Registration Information

Deadline to register to vote, or update an existing registration: July 8, 2024

Deadline to apply for a ballot to be mailed to you: July 26, 2024. Your request must be received by your local voter registration office by 5:00 p.m.

Return ballot by August 6, 2024

General Election: November 5, 2024 (6 a.m. to 7 p.m)

Voting Information

Last day to register to vote Service Arizona: Friday, October 7, 2024, at 11:59 PM

Request a Ballot by mail: Ballot-by-Mail Login (

If mailing your Ballot-by-Mail, be sure to send at least by October 29, 2024 so it arrives on time and you can track it online.

The last day to drop off your ballot-by-mail:  Nov 5, 2024, by 7 PM at your local polling or drop off location. 

Our ISSUE Reports

Read here for our latest in-depth research reports supporting Democratic state district campaigns.

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Republicans overwhelmingly support an 1864 near-total abortion ban

On April 9, 2024, the AZ Supreme Court ruled that the 1864 law banning all abortions except to save the life of the patient was enforceable. Twice Democrats were blocked by Republicans when trying to bring a repeal vote of the 1864 law to the floor of the AZ` House. On the 3rd attempt and with the help of only a few Republicans, Democrats voted to repeal the 1864 pre-statehood law in May 2024. The repeal does not go into effect until fall 2024. When the repeal takes effect a Republican 15-week abortion law signed in 2022 will become the law of Arizona. This law includes no exceptions for rape or incest. Republicans continue to unduly restrict access to reproductive healthcare for Arizonians.

Talking Point - Abortion Rights and Freedom to Choose under threat - May 2024

Republicans support 1864 law banning abortion - May 2024


Illegal Immigration - No solutions from GOP

This is a problem Republicans do NOT want to solve.  We know this because House Republicans failed to even consider the bipartisan bill crafted in the Senate earlier this year.  That's because felon and former president Trump torpedoed the bill to avoid giving President Biden a political "win."




Republicans want to make it harder to vote. The effort to deny election results—that is, to reject democracy—is contained within a segment of the Republican party and this segment is particularly prominent in the Arizona Republican party

AZ - Ground Zero of Election Denial  -- May 2024

Local Majority Works to Help Democrats Win!

Here's a summary of what Local Majority has since 2017.

We have done AMAZING WORK with your help!

  • Worked for candidates in Arizona, Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida and Minnesota.
  • Closely supported 92 candidates and 54 of them won!!
  • Gave our papers to over 300 more candidates.
  • Wrote 155 papers and talking points for most of them!
  • Did 917 digital ads that got 9.4 million views!  1-7% click throughs!
  • 135 Media bundles were sent out to a targeted audience with approximately 800,000 views!
  • Raised $145,000 for candidates in 2020.
  • Sent 12 billboards through 32 districts.
  • Wrote over 71,000 postcards.
  • Created FB, Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • Raised $445,805.75 !!!

We did all of this with about 45 volunteers over the years!!

Good Things Happen When Democrats Win!

Case study:  Virginia 2019

Democrats win Trifecta in State Government: Governor, House of Delegates, and State Senate

In two years, Democrats passed:

      • Voting rights bills to make access to voting easier and prevent discrimination.
      • Climate change bills to eliminate coal-burning plants, expand renewables and electric vehicles, and create jobs in clean energy.
      • Worker protection bills to increase the minimum wage and protect workers from underpayment.
      • Equal Rights Amendment to guarantee equal legal rights regardless of sex, becoming the 38th and final state needed for ratification to amend the US Constitution.
      • Education bills to increase funding to schools and teachers and make community college free for low- and middle-income students.
      • Gun protection bills with mandatory background checks, red flag law removing weapons from people deemed a threat, and limits on the quantities of guns buyable each month.
      • Criminal justice reform, abolishing the death penalty, legalizing marijuana, and reforming the police.
      • Civil rights bills to repeal 100 outdated, discriminatory bills including the ban on gay marriage.

Let’s make sure that Democrats stay in control for more needed reforms.

Vote for Democrats !



Help support Local Majority's mission to provide critical research to Democratic state legislative candidates. To date, Local Majority has produced 140 issue papers for 145 candidates in Arizona, Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Florida in elections since 2017.

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It's All AboutSaving our Democracy

It's time to flip the country BLUE.

Help us take back state legislatures in November.




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Our Democracy is at stake as well as our Healthcare and Human Rights.