State Legislatures Are KEY

State legislatures not only create the laws that affect the everyday lives of their constituents, they also play a critical role in determining the districts for the U.S. House of Representatives and thus the fate of the entire country. Local Majority provides research that is practical and accessible to support progressive campaigns for state legislature. Join us or support our efforts!

Our States 2019

For the November 2019 elections, we are supporting the Virginia House of Delegates and State Senate. We are also gearing up for 2020 by supporting special elections in states where we can make a big difference and help flip seats blue in State Houses and Senates.

Virginia delegate map


Democrats make up more than 50% of this heavily (and illegally) gerrymandered state. The Supreme Court heard arguments on redistricting the House of Delegates and a judgment is expected in June.  In the meantime, new districts are in play that should bring more fairness into the elections. The House only needs 2 seats to flip Blue and the Senate only 2 as well. All 100 seats in the House are up for election (for two-year terms) and all 40 in the Senate (for four-year terms).  It is not time for complacency. This election will determine the US House districts after the 2020 census. It's time that the legislature reflects the will of the majority in Virginia. Support Blue candidates and Vote BLUE!

Our States 2020

We are already gearing up for 2020 and choosing states where can make a big difference and help flip seats blue in State Houses and Senates.

Liberty Bell
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Support Blue candidates and Vote BLUE!

blue Ridge parkway

North Carolina

Support Blue candidates and Vote BLUE!

Milwaukee Art Museum
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Support Blue candidates and Vote BLUE!

2018 Election Results: Democratic Tsunami!


The Blue Wave hit the 2018 midterm elections!

US House of Representatives: 40 seats flipped and Democrats took control!

US Senate: 2 seats flipped (AZ, NV), lost 4 seats, but defended 22.

National popular vote margin: 8.9 million Democratic votes over Republicans.

Governors: Dems picked up 13 seats!

State Legislative Chambers: Dems flipped 6!  (CO Senate, CT Senate, ME Senate, MN House, NH Senate AND House, and NY Senate)

State Legislative races: Dems picked up at least 332 seats.

Local Majority Results

Local Majority had very successful results supporting state legislative candidates in Florida, Michigan, and Minnesota with targeted legislative and opposition research and election activities.


Local Majority Results: Report

Democrats flipped 6 seats in the state House. Local Majority provided research and other assistance to all six.

One seat in the state Senate flipped. Assistance provided by Local Majority.

Florida voters opted to re-enfranchise ex-felons who have served their sentence, restoring the vote to over 1.4 million Floridians through Amendment 4 to Florida’s constitution. This should have tremendous positive effects in 2020 for Democrats.

In a state that is nearly evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, the partisan gerrymandering and voter suppression is extreme with the Republican trifecta. Democrats are not represented at the state legislative level. Key talking point for Florida for 2020.


Local Majority Results: Report

Michigan’s voter turnout was the highest for midterm elections in nearly 50 years.

US House: Flipped 2 seats

Broke Trifecta in heavily gerrymandered state

Elected Democratic Governor

Gained 6 seats in State House

Gained 6 seats in state Senate, depriving Republicans of their supermajority.

Flipped all three executive leadership spots for Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State. (Crucial for redistricting after 2020 census)

Huge wins (by 70%) for voting rights in Michigan:

All three ballot propositions in Michigan passed (including Prop 1 for legalizing marijuana).

Prop 2: Creates an independent citizen commission that will redraw the congressional district lines every 10 years. (4 Repubs, 4 Dems, 5 Independents)

Prop 3: Voting rights including automatic registration, permanent absentee voting, election results auditing among many other rights.

Local Majority districts: 4 of the districts we worked with flipped and 2 others came within about 1% of ousting the Republican incumbent (shifting the MOV by ~-12%) in two Trump-won districts.


Local Majority Results:  Report

Highest voter turnout in the nation.

State House flipped Democratic (18 seats).

Governor stayed Democratic.

Divided State (MN Senate is  Republican controlled by 1 vote, having flipped 6 seats in 2016 to take control. All 67 seats are up for election in 2020).

Local Majority supported candidates: 12 of the candidates we assisted flipped seats.


The Blue Wave is coming!  Take Action!

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Democrats: Don't just Vote, Volunteer!

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Join Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Local Majority and volunteer at

At, you can find numerous volunteer activities such as talking to voters, texting, writing letters, or phone banking opportunities. Many allow you to help out right from your home .

It's VITAL that we help get Democrats elected this year and that you vote for Democrats on November 6.

Our Democracy is at stake as well as our Healthcare and Human Rights.


Campaigns: Use our Tools

Local Majority has put together a variety of resources for Democratic campaigns. These include:

  • Resources for finding volunteers
  • Video PSAs with Julia Louis-Dreyfus to help amplify your message
  • Issue ads
  • Research resources

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Our Latest Reports

Read here for our latest in-depth research reports supporting progressive state district campaigns.

FL-Climate Change

Sea Level Inundation in Florida

Sea-Level Rise in Florida

Scientists predict that sea level will rise nearly 7 feet by the year 2100 if no action is taken to address climate change. By that time, 90 coastal communities in Florida will experience chronic inundation, which means that 10% or more of a community’s land area will be flooded by high tides an average of 26 times annually (every other week). The area affected will be much greater than 10% in most of those communities, and some will virtually disappear under water. more ..

Sea Level RiseTalking Points

FL-Climate Change

Solar Panels

Renewable Energy in Florida

While the Sunshine State is home to balmy beaches and sunny skies, its state of renewable energy production and consumption is dismal. Controlled by the Republican Party in the House and Senate for over 20 years, Democratic initiatives to launch energy-saving measures that would capitalize on the state’s natural solar and renewable resources have been overruled by the GOP, the same party funded by the utility companies. more …

FL Renewable Energy Talking Points


FL-Medicaid Expansion

Infant in ICU

Medicaid Expansion in Florida

Expanding Medicaid in Florida will improve the health of adults, children, veterans, and the working poor, it will help fight the opioid crisis which kills 14 people a day in Florida. Expanding Medicaid is good for the Florida economy and will return federal dollars to the Sunshine State that taxpayers in Florida paid into the system. more …

Medicaid Expansion Talking Points


Our Featured Candidates

Click here  for all the progressive state district campaigns we are supporting with our research.


Dr. Kayser Enneking

Florida  SD8

Healthcare leader who has strengthened the quality of care provided to patients in this district. Kayser has a prescription for prosperity that will make life better for Florida families with expanded Medicaid, fully-funded public schools, and small business support. 

Matt Koleszar candid

Matt Koleszar

Michigan HD20

Public school educator wants to represent the average, hard-working Michigander and their values and improve schools.

Kelly Moller MN HD42A

Kelly Moller

Minnesota HD42A

State of Minnesota career prosecutor and victim rights advocate focusing on sexual assault cases for 20 years. She seeks to reform the criminal justice system, strengthen education, and invest in our economy.


13 out of our 15 supported candidates for the VA House of Delegates won in November 2017!

It’s All AboutSaving our Democracy

It's time to flip the country blue.

Help us take back state legislatures in November.

BLUE IN 2018!


DEmocrats Get Off Your Donkey and Vote!


Democrats, Get Off Your Donkey and Vote!

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It's VITAL that you vote for Democrats on November 6. Our Democracy is at stake as is our Healthcare and our Rights.

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